Digital Forensics Services

Digital forensics is the act of identifying, collecting, preserving, extracting, analyzing, and reporting opinions or facts about data stored in electronic form for legal purposes.

In english you say?  How about “We get stuff off gadgets so it’s can be used in court”.

Just about every device out there has a story to tell.   It also has many ways to obtain data from it.  Some ways are better than others.   And if you don’t do it correctly, you may find yourself in a legal battle over the admissibility of your evidence.

We can recover, extract, preserve and/or present data from just about any computer system out there.  Apple, PC, Linux, Network Devices?  No problem.

We can extract any type of data, deleted or not.   Documents, email, spreadsheets, internet history, web chat history and pictures are just a few of the types of artifacts that can be obtained from a typical computer.  We do all of this in accordance with court admissible evidentiary rules.

Whatever your case may be, we can properly preserve the information you need.  Don’t get caught in court without properly processed evidence.

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